Top 11 Smartphone Deals Expected on Black Friday 2023 ?>

Top 11 Smartphone Deals Expected on Black Friday 2023

Black Friday has long been synonymous with incredible deals and massive discounts, and the smartphone market is no exception. As the shopping season approaches, tech enthusiasts and bargain hunters eagerly anticipate the hottest smartphone deals. While one can draw insights from previous years’ trends, it’s important to note that smartphone manufacturers are known for surprising consumers with exciting offers each year. Let’s delve into the anticipated top Black Friday smartphone deals for 2023.

Smartphone brands

While one may not see direct price slashes in Apple stores, going by past trends, the iPhone models could see trade-in perks and price reductions on different online platforms.

1. Verizon, for instance, provided a substantial $300 discount on a range of the iPhones last year, while Verizon-owned Visible gave a $300 gift card on purchase of a newer model.

2. Similarly, AT&T allowed their existing and new users a chance to bag the latest iPhone for free after trade-in, with its qualifying unlimited plans. This makes it ideal to wait for the shopping season to invest in an iPhone.

Samsung is known to play big during Black Friday, offering attractive deals on a diverse range of smartphones catering to various budgets.
3. Last year, the company offered instant rebates from $75 to $225 and up to a $600 discount for trade-in mobile phones.

4. Similarly, Xfinity discounted the Galaxy series by up to $500 off. This year, the Galaxy series could potentially be on sale, with similar discount range and offers.

Google’s Pixel series has gained popularity for its clean Android experience and impressive cameras.

5. Last year, the Pixel received notable discounts, and this trend could continue. For example, Xfinity provided discounts of up to $500 on Google smartphones.

6. Verizon went a step further, offering substantial savings of up to $1,000 on Pixels, as well as other brands like Samsung and Motorola.

OnePlus has been making waves with its feature-rich smartphones at competitive prices.

7. In the previous year, to illustrate, OnePlus and Best Buy provided discounts of up to $250, whereas the OnePlus store presented an additional $200 in cashback for trade-in upgrades.

Mid-range and budget brands
Black Friday isn’t just about flagship phones. Brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Lenovo, Sony, and Motorola often provide excellent value for money.

8. Amazon, for instance, slashed prices of Motorola from $80 to $150 on varying models last year. On the other hand, ATT provided a chance to save up to $800 across a diverse selection of Android mobile phones.

9. Walmart was another retailer that presented an opportunity to save up to 50% on Android smartphone models.

Consumers can expect similar discounts on affordable models, potentially saving even more on their purchases this Black Friday 2023.

Trade-in and bundle offers
In addition to direct discounts, manufacturers and retailers often sweeten the deal with trade-in offers and bundle deals.

10. Last year, BackMarket offered up to 77% savings on pre-owned and refurbished Android phones, featuring devices such as Pixel and Galaxy. These can provide even more value, allowing customers to trade in their old devices for additional savings or to receive complimentary accessories with their new smartphone.

Mobile network providers
Mobile network providers are also known to unveil enticing deals on mobile trade-in, data and plan, and device bundles. This is a good opportunity for those looking to upgrade one’s current plan and smartphone.

11. Last year, for instance, AT&T gave out popular phone models and bonus gifts for free with eligible trade-ins, while Verizon offered a $200 Verizon gift card to its new customers switching from other carriers. Despite being subdued during Black Friday, T-Mobile, with its massive 5G network, offered $800 on major Apple and Samsung phone trade-ins.

Unlike major carriers, smaller providers focus less on trade-ins and more on plan incentives. They may offer complimentary service months, giveaways, or discounted plans. Boost Mobile, for instance, offered 60% savings on 5G data last year, while Mint Mobile offered three months of free service to new customers with any three-month plan on Black Friday. Meanwhile, Ultra Mobile offered 20% off on its single plans. So, one can expect similar overall deals from mobile network providers during the upcoming 2023 Black Friday sale.

Navigating Black Friday deals can be both exciting and overwhelming. To make the most of this shopping season and secure the best deals, shoppers must compare prices across brands and retailers and follow their social media platforms for any sale updates.

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