7 daily exercises for better strength ?>

7 daily exercises for better strength

Looking for ways to incorporate exercise into your daily schedule? You don’t necessarily need a fancy gym membership or a house full of high-tech equipment to achieve that. There are simple exercises you can practice on a daily basis and build some muscle without dropping something important from your schedule. None of these exercises require equipment or a lot of space. This means you can get in a set of workouts no matter where you are.

Building and maintaining a proper form is an essential part of exercising. Squats are one of the most straightforward exercises to practice and yet one of the most difficult ones to perfect. There are numerous forms of squats you can practice to mix up your workout routines. They effectively cut fat cells from the body while helping build muscle mass. For beginners, it is suggested to use a chair as a reference for how low you should be going.

Calf raises
Calf raises are one of the most convenient exercises to inculcate into your daily routine. They are also one of the most satisfying stretches. Like squats, there are numerous variations for calf raises. But, if you are short on time and space, you can do standing calf raises. These will help strengthen your soleus muscles which means having stronger lower legs.

Chair sits
If having a desk job is one of the core reasons why you have a weak core, it’s time to remedy some things. Start with putting your chair to good use. Chair dips are a great way to get some movement in and strengthen your triceps. You can even keep some weights handy around your home desk. Once you have built your balance, you can start adding weights to your activity and work on building your strength and resistance.

Have you been living with a weak core and an aching back? It’s time for you to start practicing planks. Sounds painful? But trust us when we say it is worth every moment of it. If you have never practiced the exercise before, it might take a while to practice and hold your form for a considerable time. But starting with just a couple of seconds is just as good. Time yourself when you hold the plank, and try to add in a few seconds every time.

Arm circles
Want to build strong arms but barely have a breath to spare away from your chores and laptop? Ever considered practicing arm circles? Arm circles are an easy and effective way of toning and strengthening your arms while you are busy with your daily life. You can add variations and weights to ensure you feel the burn.

Lunges are useful to help improve the body’s flexibility. You could be in your kitchen cooking your favorite meal, and you can break into a set of lunges and give yourself the much-needed stretch. And if you have been stuck at your desk all day without a break, you can step away for a few minutes and get in a few lunges to help you feel energetic again.

Burpees is one such exercise that packs in a punch and is guaranteed to provide results. It engages almost all body parts and targets multiple muscle groups at once. All you need to take care of is the form.

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