6 safety features to consider when buying an SUV ?>

6 safety features to consider when buying an SUV

Buying the right SUV requires thorough research and consideration of your requirements. While the design, space, and engine performance can be important considerations, one factor that comes before other features is safety. With advances in technology, automakers have introduced a variety of assistive features in cars that keep the driver and passengers safe on the road. So, here are a few must-have safety features to look for while buying an SUV:

Adaptive cruise control
This adaptive technology helps drivers maintain a preset speed of the car. This can especially be helpful on the highways. However, if the vehicle in front of you changes its speed, then the adaptive cruise control feature allows your vehicle to slow down in order to avoid accidents. In some cases, the car may completely stop if necessary. If you are driving in the city, a feature called Traffic Jam Assist is a type of adaptive cruise control that helps you navigate slow traffic.

Automatic emergency braking
As the name suggests, this function gets automatically activated when the car detects another vehicle or the possibility of a collision. This feature is paired with a forward collision warning system, and if the driver does not respond to the warning, the SUV automatically applies the brakes to avoid an accident.

Blind-spot monitoring
This is a key feature that comes in handy when you cannot spot a car or pedestrian in the mirrors. As the name suggests, the monitoring system helps you cover the blind spots on your car’s flanks by sensing movements like an approaching vehicle that can collide with your SUV. Upon detection, the system warns the driver to take action, like applying the brake to avoid a mishap.

High-beam assist
Headlight high beams help you look into the distance while driving, however, they can distract other motorists. A high-beam assist feature allows you to use high beams until the forward-pointed camera or photo sensors detect approaching headlights or taillights. If a vehicle is approaching from the other side, the high beam switches to normal headlights and then switches back to high beams once the road is clear.

Lane departure warning
The front-pointed camera on the vehicle recognizes the defining lines on the road while driving, understanding the car’s lane. If the car deviates too much from the lane, the camera recognizes this movement, and the system issues an auditory warning. The driver is warned to drive within the lane, and more sophisticated SUVs may have a steering assist that nudges the driver back to the center of the lane.

Park assist
This feature helps drivers park their SUVs. The sensors on the front bumper and rear detect any objects that may be too close to the vehicle while driving at slow speeds (like when parking). The system notifies the driver immediately if there are any possible collisions, and the driver can apply the brakes. In some SUVs, the system applies the brake automatically.

You should look for other key safety features like pedestrian detection, safe exit assist, and a surround-view camera when buying an SUV. Often, premium cars come with sophisticated and expensive safety technology. So, it is important to consider your options and find SUVs with all the safety features you need. 

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