Top 10 mistakes new car drivers make ?>

Top 10 mistakes new car drivers make

Learning to drive and getting behind the wheel on your own is both exciting and intimidating. New drivers tend to make certain mistakes due to inexperience, which cost them and others on the road. Therefore, it’s vital to follow all the safety practices and be extra cautious when taking your car out on the initial days. Avoiding these mistakes is the key to becoming a safe driver who’s always in control.

Being overconfident
This is one of the most significant errors new car drivers make. Many feel that passing the driving test is their free pass. But the truth is that it takes years of practice to be good at driving safely and confidently.

Not wearing seat belts
Seat belts are a vital safety feature of your car, and it’s prudent not to ignore them. Unfortunately, many new drivers don’t wear them or put them on improperly. This can be dangerous during a mishap.

Not checking blind spots
Another big mistake rookies make is not paying attention to blind spots before changing lanes. Looking over your shoulder for a split second is enough to ensure you aren’t going to run into an accident.

Not maintaining a safe distance
Keeping a safe distance from the car before you is essential, especially when driving on the highways. It helps avoid a collision if the car ahead brakes suddenly. A distance of three seconds is usually safe.

One of the biggest and most common mistakes first-time car drivers make is speeding down the road. Speeding can reduce your ability to respond quickly to unexpected situations. Therefore, following speed limits and observing road conditions is crucial.

Getting distracted
New or not, nobody is immune to distracted driving. Most drivers are easily distracted by music, phone calls, or talking to the passengers traveling with them. This takes their focus away from the road, increasing the risk of a mishap.

Not signaling
Signaling before a turn is critical to safe driving as it allows other drivers on the road to anticipate your moves. Failing to do so can give rise to confusion and unnecessary accidents.

Not checking the mirrors frequently
New drivers often forget to check their mirrors and only concentrate on the road ahead. For safe driving, it’s necessary to check mirrors frequently. It makes you aware of what’s happening around your car, like who’s behind and if anyone is passing from the side.

Not knowing the car
Familiarizing yourself with the vehicle’s features ensures safety for everyone. Driving a car without familiarity with things like its engine, braking capacity, gears, and steering sensitivity can lead to difficulty driving and accidents.

Not being prepared for emergencies
New drivers often take off to destinations without being prepared for any kind of emergency. Several things can happen on the way, including a flat tire or an engine breakdown. So, traveling with a spare tire, basic tools, and a jack at any given time is crucial. New drivers should also know how to change a flat tire if needed.

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