Types of gowns – Most popular brands to choose from ?>

Types of gowns – Most popular brands to choose from

Gowns have been a big part of women’s clothing right from the mid-1500s. Even after all this time, gowns have retained their popularity and adopted a new sense of fashion. If you love dressing up but have trouble figuring out what to buy, you’re in luck. In this article, we will be discussing the most popular types of gowns and where you can find them. The three most popular gown types are:

Evening gowns
An evening gown is a long dress usually worn on formal occasions like black tie events, operas, or formal dances. One must always dress according to their body type to get the best look. Moreover, accessorizing is super important. High heels, shimmery jewelry, and an evening bag that does not clash with the gown are essential.

Ball gowns
When it comes to prom nights, weddings, or even formal events, ball gowns are a fantastic pick. But there are certain things to keep in mind while looking for a ball gown. The first thing is shoes; since ball gowns are long, it is important to wear shoes that ensure you don’t stumble on your dress. Do not forget to accessorize the outfit with some dainty jewelry and a stylish little purse.

A-line gown
Fitted gowns are generally called a-line gowns. Pick the accessory depending on whether the dress is bold or subtle. Moreover, you can wear heels or flats, depending on the length of the dress. However, you can never go wrong with heals. Carry a little purse to complete your dress look.

Top brands for stylish gowns:

Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera is one of the most prominent designers in the world. She has dressed role models like Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, and Nicole Kidman. The brand offers a great selection of gowns, from evening and wedding gowns to casual dresses.

Vera Wang
When it comes to wedding gowns or red carpet looks, people often turn to Vera Wang, and rightly so. Vera Wang has redefined bridal attire for years now. The brand incorporates various colors and silhouettes into their clothing, creating and curating more modern versions of bridal gowns.

Mac Duggal
Mac Duggal, an Indian-American designer, has some of the trendiest and classiest gowns out there. There’s a great selection of black gowns for every occasion for women of every size. These glamorous dresses are available in stores and online.

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