Steer clear of these 5 mistakes when replacing engine oil ?>

Steer clear of these 5 mistakes when replacing engine oil

All vehicles come with moving mechanical parts that grind against each other. Here’s where one needs to add oil to the engine and other vehicle components to ensure these parts move smoothly. However, engine oil can lose viscosity with time and must be changed regularly. But a person may make several mistakes when replacing the oil in a vehicle. Here are six errors to avoid to improve the lifespan of a vehicle.

Not warming up the engine
Engine oil at cooler temperatures might be sluggish when drained from the engine. This may increase the time it takes to drain the oil. What’s worse is that the liquid will not fully drain from the engine, and there will be residue still stuck in the engine parts. So before draining the engine oil, a person must start the vehicle and let it run on idle for about five to ten minutes. Idling the engine will bring the oil up to the normal operating temperature, ensuring it drains correctly.

Putting back the drain plug incorrectly
Most people are oblivious to how tight they should make the drain plug when they screw it back on. Some people leave it loose and end up staining the interstate and stalling halfway through their journey. And others might make it too tight, sometimes with a tool, that it gets jammed or breaks and keeps spinning in one location. If an individual changes the oil, they must tighten it with their fingers where the gasket touches the drain pan surface. After this, they must roughly turn the plug a quarter turn.

Neglecting the oil filter
The oil in an engine is cycled for more than a thousand miles before it needs to be replaced. And the oil filter is responsible for screening and collecting slush and contaminants out of the engine oil during these cycles. While people may change the oil, they neglect a filter replacement because it saves them a few dollars. However, doing so might obstruct the flow of clear oil and damage the engine. This may cost the person a lot more to fix. So one is better off changing the filter each time they change the oil.

Using different viscosity oil
Most people use a different viscosity oil because a friend, colleague, or television commercial says so. An engine is designed with specific bearing clearances and oil passage sizes that require specific engine oil viscosity. So while the alternative might be available at the nearest store for an attractive price, we recommend sticking to the viscosity and brand recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. What’s worse is that the condition of an engine can deteriorate fairly quickly if the wrong oil is used.

Not looking for offers
Oil changes can be quite expensive. Therefore, no matter which vehicle an individual owns, it is always a good idea to look for oil change coupons. For example, Ford offers an oil change and maintenance coupon. As part of the offer, customers get up to six quarts of Motorcraft® oil and a Motorcraft oil filter.

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