Pocket-friendly AT&T cellphones for seniors ?>

Pocket-friendly AT&T cellphones for seniors

Technological advancements have brought us incredibly powerful, sleek cellphones capable of various tasks at incredible speeds. However, senior citizens tend to prefer cellphones that offer basic functionality and maximum durability at an affordable price. Keeping these points in mind, major networks like AT&T have partnered with mobile manufacturers to bring seniors the following pocket-friendly cellphones and plans. This article discusses three popular options and a cellphone plan tailored for seniors.

Top Budget-friendly Cellphones and Plans

Cingular Flip™ IV
Ease of navigation is one of the major requirements when it comes to cellphones for seniors. The Cingular Flip™ IV by AT&T provides just that with larger buttons, voice command recognition, and Bluetooth® and WiFi connectivity. It is also one of the more affordable AT&T flip phones for seniors at just $62.99 and packs smart features for tech-savvy seniors.

Sonim XP3
Seniors looking for a mid-range cellphone can certainly go for the Sonim XP3, available for $189.99, also backed by a 3-year guarantee for the product. Moreover, the ultra-rugged phone is made with durable materials to resist damage from falls and features an IP68 rating for overall protection. Its key features also include bigger phone buttons, loud volume, and better battery life with up to 21 hours of usage. Moreover, the phone features a massive expandable storage of 128GB using a micro-SD card to save all essential data and media files.

DuraXE Epic
DuraXE Epic is one of the more premium variants to consider among AT&T flip phones for seniors. The phone is truly built for rugged use and features a compact design that is quite user-friendly. Its interface allows for seamless navigation of inbuilt menus and tools. Priced at $269.99, the DuraXE Epic is a popular alternative to sleeker smartphones as it is fully loaded with 16GB of internal memory expandable up to 512GB. This smart device works well with AT&T’s 4G-enabled networks to provide the best possible service.

Best Cellphone Plans for Seniors
AT&T Senior Nation Plan is one of the best and most affordable options that works well with any of the aforementioned AT&T flip phones. For just $29.99/month, seniors can avail 200 minutes of regular calling and additionally benefit from 500 weekend and night minutes. Seniors above the age of 65 can avail this no-data plan with unlimited calling enabled between AT&T cellphones all-inclusive of the price.

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