7 healthy and tasty snacks for kids ?>

7 healthy and tasty snacks for kids

The food we consume plays an important role in keeping our body fit and healthy. So including foods that are rich in nutrients should be included one’s food regime. Healthy snack ideas that offer the perfect combination of fiber, protein, and fat are the right way to go about a perfectly healthy lifestyle. A huge variety of processed snacks are available in the market which will help fill up your kids’ stomach but will not be healthy. Kids are fussy eaters, so it is very important to balance their food regime by introducing foods offering a perfect balance of nutrients in the form of tasty snacks. Some snack ideas that offer the perfect combination of fiber, protein, and fat are discussed herein.

An absolute favorite among kids, popcorn has a lot of nutritional value as it is made of whole grain. Popcorn is rich in polyphenols, which is a great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in preventing the body from different types of diseases. A great source of fiber popcorn in keeping the bad cholesterol levels low.

A handful of nuts consumed regularly helps in the growth and overall development of kids. Regular consumption of nuts also helps in regulating bowel movements, blood pressure and also helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Cheese makes an excellent snack for growing kids as it provides a great source of proteins, fats, and calcium. A variety of flavors are available to savor the taste buds. Intake of cheese helps in keeping the bones strong and healthy.

A great source of protein, minerals, and vitamins, eggs make a perfect snack for kids. Eggs also contain amino acids that help in the growth of healthy hair and nails. There are various ways in which egg delicacies can be prepared and enjoyed by kids as snacks.

Snacks made with fruits are great ideas that offer the perfect combination of fiber, protein, and fat. Including fruits in a kid’s food regime will help keep them healthy and strengthen their immunity. Also, fruits are rich in antioxidants and help in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. It is the perfect energy-boosting snack for kids.

An excellent immune booster, yogurt helps in easy digestion. Rich in vitamins and minerals, yogurt helps with the all-round development of kids and acts as a remedy in various diseases. One should make yogurt from whole milk as the fat present in it helps in brain and vision development.

Vegetable pocket
Most kids don’t enjoy eating vegetables, so combining different vegetables and making tasty pockets will help in providing nutrients like minerals, fiber, proteins, and fats. This will make a healthy snack option. One can also make vegetable sandwiches by adding different vegetables with cheese or mayonnaise and give a colorful look and make it a great snack.

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