7 Easy Snack Ideas That Promote Good Health ?>

7 Easy Snack Ideas That Promote Good Health

Millennials are all for quick fixes, and you cannot blame them as they need to be on par with their fast-paced life. Our tendency to opt for things that make our lives easier now includes foods as well; we would prefer heating the pan pizza for breakfast rather than take the efforts to make scrambled eggs. When the weigh scale shoots past one’s previous weight is when realization dawns upon them that there are no quick fixes to losing those extra pounds.

Though you can conquer the three important meals of the day without giving in to any temptations, snack time is when your conviction is tested. It is always easier to buy processed food off the shelves of the supermarket rather than toiling in the kitchen to make the perfect healthy snack. No one said that making healthy food choices will be easy, so, instead of navigating your way to the ready-to-make snacks or potato chips to satisfy your hunger, you can try some easy healthy snack ideas that the Internet is rife with.

Here are some of the easy healthy snack ideas that wouldn’t require you to spend hours in the kitchen and can satisfy your hunger pangs as well.

Chia seed pudding
Everyone loves pudding! However, it’s not the right choice if you wish to eat healthily and control your sweet tooth. So, instead of your regular pudding, you can treat yourself to chia seed pudding. The major ingredients used for concocting this delicious healthy snack are organic coconut milk and three tablespoons of organic chia seeds. All you to have to do is mix these ingredients in a mason jar and add cinnamon or honey as a sweetener. Allow this mixture to sit overnight, and relish it the next day.

Hummus and veggies mason jar
This is an extremely easy healthy snack idea and doesn’t require chef-like skills. The major ingredients used for this snack are peppers, celery, carrots, and hummus. Hummus is a nutritious dish, but to ensure that you feel satiated enough to not binge on unhealthy food, you can combine the other ingredients with hummus. Use a small mason jar for this purpose as it helps in portion control. Divide the portion servings of hummus and dip the fiber-rich veggies into the jar, and munch away on this protein-packed puree.

Sweet potato melt
Potato lovers can rejoice as this easy healthy snack idea brings a healthier version of your favorite snack. This is one of the easiest healthy snacks you will ever come across as it requires minimum efforts. All you have to do is wash the sweet potatoes and wrap them up in an aluminum foil. Bake it in the oven for 40-50 minutes at 425 degrees. Once you take the baked potatoes out of the oven, brush them with low-fat butter and sprinkle some ground cinnamon for added flavor.

Spiced nuts
Nuts are a source of healthy fats and contribute to helping people reach their desired weight goal. Plain nuts can get a little boring after some time; so, this easy healthy snack idea revolves around adding a spicy touch to these healthy food items. You will need pecans, cashews, almonds, chili powder, cayenne, and black pepper for this recipe. Mix these ingredients in a bowl and roast it in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes until they become warm and toasty. Now, relish this unique combination to your heart’s content.

Tuna and veggie bites
Tuna is healthy and so are your good ‘ol veggies. This easy healthy snack combines the best of both these food items. You will need canned tuna, shredded carrots, Dijon mustard, mayo, salt, pickles, cucumber, a whole-white based cracker for making this dish. All you have to do is combine the can of tuna with the above-mentioned ingredients and season it with salt and pepper, and voila! Your tuna-veggie bites are ready to serve. Shop around for thin-crust and whole-grain bites for making this dish.

Banana oat smoothie
Smoothies are an incredible way of satiating your hunger without indulging in unhealthy food items. Bananas are known to keep one full for hours, and combining it with oats will ensure that you wouldn’t have further cravings. You’ll need rolled oats, yogurt, banana, flaxseed meal, cinnamon, and almond milk. All you have to do is add all these ingredients to your blender and blend it until you see a smooth, thick concoction. Pour it into a glass, and sip away to a healthier you.

Berry yogurt toast
This easy healthy snack idea ensures that you can satisfy your hungry within a couple of minutes. You will need a fiber-rich toast and protein-packed Greek yogurt. Once the spread is complete, add high-fiber berries on top of it and sprinkle some chia seeds on it. This epic combination is highly nutritious and can prevent you from cheating on your diet.

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