7 Common Flu Hotspots to Avoid ?>

7 Common Flu Hotspots to Avoid

As the winter season approaches, the chances of catching a cold or flu will increase, as respiratory illnesses are common during the colder months. Therefore, individuals must be extra careful, as certain everyday items, places, and surfaces can be breeding grounds for certain viruses that cause flu. Identifying these hotspots is crucial for taking preventive measures and minimizing the risk of disease. Below are some common flu hotspots that individuals should steer clear of.

Faucet handles

Almost all household members use the bathroom faucet handles to wash their hands. It makes the handles potential hotspots for viruses, as people touch them before washing their hands, likely transferring viruses to the surface. Additionally, the faucet handles of kitchen sinks can also carry a lot of germs. Hence, it is a good idea to disinfect faucet handles regularly to reduce the risk of flu transmission in the house.

Office desks

Shared workspaces and desks can also be hotbeds for germs and viruses. Frequently touched surfaces and objects on shared desks, such as the keyboard, mouse, etc., may harbor viruses that can cause illnesses like the flu. Hence, when using shared devices or shared desks, one can quickly clean them with disinfectant wipes to ensure safety.

Door knobs

Door knobs and door handles are touched by numerous people throughout the day, which makes them highly susceptible to harboring germs and viruses. Since it is not ideal for one to disinfect every door knob or door handle that they need to use, they should sanitize their hands after touching door knobs. The door knobs at home, however, must be regularly cleaned to ensure everyone’s safety.


Numerous people touch the handrails of escalators, staircases, etc., in public places throughout the day. Because of this, these surfaces could be harboring flu viruses and other germs. Hence, one should avoid touching handrails in public places when not necessary. If one does touch them, they must ensure sanitizing or washing their hands afterward to steer clear of infections.

TV remotes

TV remotes could be shared among family members and guests, making them potential carriers of flu viruses within the households. Hence, it is essential to regularly clean and disinfect TV remotes to prevent the spread of germs and protect family members against the flu.

Shopping carts

Shopping carts at supermarkets are also shared and touched by many people, so they can easily become contaminated with flu viruses. To avoid infections or disease transmission, many stores now provide sanitizing wipes for cart handles. If a store does not provide them, shoppers must ensure that they practice good hand hygiene after using shopping carts to prevent catching any infections.

Smartphone screens

Constant smartphone use, especially in public spaces, exposes users to germs and viruses. Smartphone screens can harbor germs that easily travel to a user’s hands or face when using the phone. Hence, users must regularly clean their smartphone screens with disinfectant wipes, which can help reduce the risk of flu transmission.

Maintaining good hygiene practices is crucial in preventing the spread of flu and other respiratory illnesses. As the colder months set in, people tend to spend more time indoors, creating an environment conducive to transmitting viruses. Regular handwashing, covering while coughing and sneezing, and regularly cleaning the frequently touched surfaces can significantly reduce the risk of infection.


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