6 travel mistakes to avoid when in Europe ?>

6 travel mistakes to avoid when in Europe

Every destination has its own charm, offering its unique different cuisines, tourist spots, architecture, and etiquettes. It’s always a good idea to do some research before going to a new country; it makes travel easier and hassle-free. After all, vacations are meant for relaxation and creating beautiful memories. This article shares some common mistakes travelers should avoid while touring Europe, the continent of royal castles, exquisite cuisines, quaint villages, and appealing architecture.

Solely relying on plastic money
If you think carrying your card is the way to go on travels, think again. Most cafes, restaurants, bars, tourist spots, museums, and public transportation still mostly accept cash over plastic money. Withdraw an amount that should help take you through most of the trip. This way, you avoid stacking withdrawal fees. However, only carry the required amount for the day. ATMs let you pick denominations, and after your first day in Europe, you should know which denomination mix works best in the country you’re in.

Forgetting to claim your VAT tax refund
This is an important note to make, especially when making large purchases. You will need a VAT tax refund form at the airport when traveling back home. This piece of paper could reward you with a 19-25% cash refund on all purchases from 0 to 175 euros. The percentage, of course, may vary in different countries. The cash-back can be used to spend at duty-free shops at the airport or can be exchanged back home.

Waving at the waiter
European restaurants and cafes have different etiquettes, and one of them is how you request the waiter to take the order. Instead of waving at them, try to keep it more discreet by making eye contact or showing your hand just a little. Waving at the waiter is considered impolite, especially in France.

Walking in the bicycle lanes
Bicycles are avidly used across the continent. It’s the most eco-friendly way of navigating, and it’s also an excellent way to get some exercise. Most working professionals also use a bicycle to get to work, as the bicycle lanes are very well connected. Strolling in these bicycle lanes can be considered a serious offense or could cause an accident.

Using local cabs at night
Learning about the services in a new place can be challenging. Although it may be tempting to hail a local cab late at night, opt for cab services like Uber, AlloCab, or Lecab. In big cities, it may be difficult to get a local cab, and if you manage to get one, they charge a surge price, which would be double the price. Download a cab app before leaving your hotel room and explore it a little, so you’re familiar with the interface when the time comes. Alternatively, locals could help you understand which services are expensive.

Forgetting to book skip-the-line tickets
Europe boasts beautiful castles, exquisite museums, and gorgeous architectural marvels. But what accompanies these tourist spots is long queues. Instead of spending 3 to 4 hours standing in the line, book a ticket online, even before you reach the attraction, so you and your family can skip the long queues. This leaves you with more time to cover other attractions.

Europe is also a popular destination to try out walking and hiking tours covering beautiful landscapes across Florence, Venice, and Rome. All booking can be made online in advance. You can pre-book skip-the-line guided tours for major tourist destinations, including the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and famous landmarks across France and Italy.

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