6 smart ways to use a tablet to increase productivity ?>

6 smart ways to use a tablet to increase productivity

Devices like smartphones, laptops, personal computers, and tablets have become necessary for completing home, work, and other tasks efficiently. However, these are expensive and sometimes remain underused since individuals are unaware of their full capabilities. Keeping this in mind, we have listed six exciting ways to use tablets to maximize your productivity. With trending Black Friday offers, you can exchange your old device for a bargain price and upgrade to a feature-rich one.

Use it as a wireless remote
You can install several smart home applications on your tablet computer and turn it into a console to operate appliances. For instance, you can adjust the lighting, set alarms, and change the settings of your air conditioner or microwave. Most importantly, you can control your smart TV, sound bars, and multimedia players wirelessly using the device. But ensure you download the manufacturer’s apps to connect eligible appliances over the Wi-Fi network.

Pair it with streaming platforms
One of the best advantages of Android tablets is their ability to connect with Chromecast. Chromecast offers access to some of the most popular OTT platforms, including Netflix and YouTube. So, set up your tablet to access multimedia content and cast it on your smart TV. You can even download and install dedicated media server apps, like Plex, to stream content on connected devices. In short, you can control your entire media system from your smart tablet.

Use it as a second screen
Annoyed by too many notifications while working on the laptop or computer? You can transfer all your internet and communication apps onto the tablet and prop it up next to your computer as a second screen. It allows you to prioritize your work and check only the most critical notifications with scheduled apps on the tablet. You can check mail, set up automatic responses, and install voice-to-text transcription software to dictate important updates quickly. You can even install productivity apps to take notes, schedule tasks, and do more with a portable second screen.

Download and install interactive games
Even your pets can enjoy a game or two, thanks to the many interactive applications trending on Play Store and App Store. Jitterbug, Cat Fishing, and Catch the Mouse are some of the most downloaded for pets. It is the best way to keep them both busy and entertained while you get through a busy workday. But ensure to install a screen protector before letting your cat or dog paw the device while playing these games. Otherwise, you will end up with a scratched screen.

Use it for video conferencing
Switching tabs while being on a conference call can be annoying. So why not take video calls on the tablet placed next to the laptop? It will allow you to interact with your colleagues and team members while getting work done hassle-free. iPads and Samsung tablets boast superior camera quality, and the touch interface makes it easy to mute, select individual screens, and simultaneously work on requests during the call.

Use it as an eReader
Download and install the Kindle app on your tablet computer to access millions of free and paid eBooks to enjoy on the go. Newer models come with dark and reading modes, so you do not have to worry about reading for extended periods. It is also possible to buy and download your favorite comic books to read on the device. Besides Kindle, many other dedicated apps on the Play Store support this content format, so go ahead and explore this feature.

Consumer electronics is among the best-selling categories during the upcoming Black Friday sale. So, the time is coming to upgrade your old tablet to a brand new iPad or Samsung device. Get the latest OS, software, and hardware updates for a significant discount and save money. Also, check out exclusive Lenovo Black Friday deals for the best tablets and bundle offers.

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