6 reliable Internet service providers ?>

6 reliable Internet service providers

Finding a provider of the best Internet service is not an easy task. There are a few things to consider before you can decide if your choice is the right one. Firstly, you would have to see if the provider is available in your area and provide all the services you need. Moreover, they need to be trustworthy.

Six Internet service providers in the country:


The Internet services by Xfinity is available in 41 states, which increases the possibility of its presence in your locality. Their Internet service comes in many varied packages, with Internet speeds ranging between 15Mbps to 2Gbps. The basic pricing is USD 39.99 every month. You can even get a cheaper package if you sign up for limited data plans of 1GB, 3GB, and 10GB.

AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet is one of the oldest and most prominent Internet service providers in the country. They offer 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, and 1 Gbps plans, which are known as Internet 100, Internet 300, and Internet 1000. The Internet 300 and Internet 1000 plans offer fiber Internet to ensure uncompromised speed. All the plans for the first year are priced at USD 49.99, which will allow you to enjoy the highest speed for a reasonable cost.

Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum is the company for you if you are looking for the best internet services with simplicity in their offers. They offer a unique plan with 100 Mbps Internet speed with no data cap and a modem. This plan costs USD 49.99 per month. You can then increase the Internet speed according to your need. Raising it to 300 Mbps will cost you USD 20 extra every month, and 940 Mbps will cost USD 60 extra. None of these plans have any cap on the data.

Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications offers cable, fiber, and DSL Internet connections. One of the best aspects of their services is that they provide Internet connectivity to rural areas, where there are not many good options available; this makes them a popular choice. The basic plan of 6 Mbps costs USD 27.99 per month. Their highest speed plan of 45 Mbps will cost you USD 44.99 each month. For rural areas, these pricings indeed make them an ideal choice.


If you are looking for the best Internet services in the country, consider Verizon. It started offering fiber Internet connectivity when not too many providers were doing so. The 200 Mbps plan costs USD 39.99, the 400 Mbps plan costs USD 59.99, and the 940 Mbps plan costs USD 79.99 each month. Verizon is also known for its customer satisfaction.


This provider offers affordable pricing with the 100 Mbps plan costing USD 49 and the highest speed of 940 Mbps costing USD 65 per month. If you opt for the Internet connection that comes bundled with their TV subscription, you can use more attractive pricing.

When it comes to the best Internet services, the choices are plenty. You can also always ask your neighbors to find out which provider offers the best speed and prices in your locality.

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