6 mistakes to avoid when buying an SUV ?>

6 mistakes to avoid when buying an SUV

While buying an SUV, one may look for a range of elements, such as the level of comfort, power figures, and towing capabilities of the car. One may also consider factors like the look and features of the vehicle. But in a race to get the perfect SUV, one could often get carried away and purchase something far from their liking. Here are six mistakes to avoid when buying an SUV.

Not researching
The most common error in finding an ideal SUV is the lack of research. Since the vehicle is a massive investment, one should identify what they require and expect of the SUV. One should look at various models and makes, read reviews, and compare multiple brands to find the right fit.

Ignoring safety
While one might be an excellent driver, road traffic can be unpredictable. So, before buying an SUV, one must validate if the vehicle has all the necessary standard safety features. These could include driver assistance features like blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assist, and emergency braking. More importantly, one should check for a safety rating issued by relevant authorities, such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA.) Some of the safest SUVs are those that receive a five-star overall rating.

Buying the most expensive trim
An authorized dealership may encourage potential buyers to purchase the most expensive trim. Investing in it might mean getting the best-in-class performance specifications and a complete luxury feature set. However, one should consider their budget before making such a purchase. The buyer may not require most features or a powerful engine, which could save them thousands of dollars. Additionally, one should account for registration, insurance, maintenance, and fuel expenses when budgeting for the vehicle.

Overlooking offers
Every manufacturer puts up offers on their vehicle lineup occasionally. However, those who rush their purchases often overlook these offers. One should note that the brand may offer massive discounts of $500 or more to those who qualify for the deal. Some might even be able to finance the SUV at 0% APR. The best way to determine if a brand has offers running is to check its website, speak to a sales representative, or visit a nearby dealership.

Not taking the test drive
One of the most common mistakes when buying vehicles, including SUVs, is not taking the test drive. While one may excel at the research bit associated with the automobile, the only way to determine if it’s the right choice is to drive the car physically. One could experience how the vehicle handles itself at turns and over bumps. One could also determine the vehicle’s ability to pick up speed or if the cabin is well insulated. Ultimately, a test drive could help narrow one’s choices and help remain confident about the purchase.

Sidelining the resale value
One may often think they would get a good value for their vehicle if they ever decide to sell it. But this depends on various factors. Not all vehicles sold on the used car market have a good resale value. To determine the potential price, one should research the historical resale value of older makes and models. Factors that could influence this include the brand’s reputation, model popularity, and the SUV’s overall build and reliability.

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