6 common laundry mistakes that damage clothes ?>

6 common laundry mistakes that damage clothes

Doing laundry seems straightforward enough, right? You just have to take the dirty clothes from the laundry basket to the washer, select a wash and rinse cycle, and later transfer them to the dryer unit and finish the cycle. Despite seemingly simple steps, certain mistakes can damage clothes. So, here are a few blunders to avoid to get the most out of your washer and dryer and get fresh, clean clothes every time:

Not sorting the clothes
Clothes should be sorted according to material and color to avoid hassles during the wash. For example, you should never wash your delicates with jeans and cargo pants, which require hot washes. This will ruin the fabric of delicate garments. Additionally, always separate your whites from colored clothing to avoid staining the lighter clothes.

Not scrubbing stains beforehand
Washing machines cannot remove all the stains, even if you run them for multiple cycles. Some stubborn stains call for presoaking and scrubbing the fabric. Here, presoaking and mild scrubbing can remove or loosen most of the stain. But you should not scrub vigorously to remove the stain. Just let the stain soak for a few minutes and use a napkin gently to dab the satin with the slightest pressure. Then use a hot wash cycle, as hot water is more efficient in removing stubborn stains.

Using too much detergent and softener
Detergents contain harsh chemicals for removing dirt and stains from all types of fabric. The temperature of the water also plays a role in the effectiveness of these chemicals. Adding too much detergent can cause weathering of the fabric. Further, if you add a lot of softener, the clothes can carry an overpowering fragrance. Also, never pour the detergent directly onto the garments; use the small pouring hatch built into the machine to ensure it mixes with the water spreading evenly.

Not checking the pockets
Dumping all the dirty laundry in the washer without checking the pockets first is one of the most common laundry mistakes that can damage clothes. Loose change or any other items left behind in pockets during the wash and rinse cycle can rub against other clothes and damage the fabric. The same principle applies to zippers; you should always close the zippers so that their edges do not brush against other clothes tearing the fabric. Also, note that loose change can get jammed in the washer or dryer unit, costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs. So, check the pockets and empty them before you throw them in the washer.

Drying clothes with elastic
Undergarments and sportswear designed for physical activities usually contain elastic to stretch and provide comfort. Putting such garments in the dryer can make the elastic expand and stretch too much when running the heated spin cycle. This is a common laundry mistake that can damage clothes, making it droopy and overstretched. So, always separate stretchy garments once the wash and rinse cycle is complete.

Overloading the washer
Check the user manual to see how much load the washing machine can handle per cycle. Overstuffing the machine with clothes not only damages the machine’s motor but also results in an ineffective wash cycle that does not completely clean the clothes.

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