5 mistakes to avoid while driving an SUV ?>

5 mistakes to avoid while driving an SUV

Even if you have a squeaky clean driving record, making some common mistakes on the road can prove costly. Given the possibility of accidents and mishaps on the road, each one of us needs to be more cautious as a driver, even when driving a relatively safe and reliable automobile like an SUV. Next time you are out on the road, avoid these five common SUV driving mistakes to ensure safety:

Cutting someone off
Even though your intentions may not be malicious, cutting someone off can be dangerous. It is important to be predictable while driving, so other drivers can also make more informed decisions. Cutting people off could lead to involuntary swerving, which may cause accidents.

Not checking the blind spot
Position the car’s mirrors in a way that you don’t have too many blind spots. A blind spot is an area on the road that is outside the driver’s field of vision. Given the sheer size of an SUV, there may be multiple blind spots. Being careful, checking your mirrors, and using advanced safety technology such as blind spot monitoring can help you avoid missing cars or people in your blind spots. Many recently launched SUVs, such as the Subaru Forester, Dodge Ram Pickup 1500, and Dodge Ram Pickup 2500, offer blind spot monitoring to help create a safer driving environment.

Speeding in the rain
Roads tend to be slippery when wet, so you should slow your car down, especially in the first few minutes of rainfall. This will help you maintain control of your vehicle by providing better traction and avoiding unnecessary swerving on slick roads. It also allows you to have more reaction time as visibility decreases with rainfall.

Signaling too late
Giving the turn signal too late does not let other drivers on the road prepare or change lanes in time if needed. While drivers are legally required to signal 100 ft before turning in most states, using distance as a measurement may not always be ideal. As a rule of thumb, be sure to give a turn signal at least 3 to 5 seconds before you start maneuvering, that is, changing speeds or shifting lanes. Communicating with others on the road will help make it safer for everyone.

Checking your phone
Despite the seamless car-smartphone integration that may make it easy to check your notifications while driving, your attention must remain focused on the road. Avoid using hands-free if you find yourself getting distracted. This will ensure that your concentration remains trained on the road, improving your reaction time and reducing the risk of accidents.

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