5 mistakes that can shorten a laptop’s life ?>

5 mistakes that can shorten a laptop’s life

The latest laptops in the market boast powerful processors, support ultra HD graphics, and run efficiently while saving power. But buying a top-tier laptop with stunning hardware and software specs doesn’t always mean it will last longer. You must also know the dos and don’ts of using a laptop to maximize efficiency and avoid expensive repair bills, especially once the warranty period lapses. Avoid these five mistakes that affect laptop life and performance.

Blocking the air vents
Laptops have external air vents that allow people to use them for hours together without overheating. However, users often block these air vents that expel heat from the laptop. Some place the device on a flat surface, blocking its bottom where the vents are usually placed. Although premium gaming laptops come with side and back vent setups, most office and personal laptops vent hot air from underneath. To prevent overheating, you can elevate the laptop’s angle using a stand or buy a cooling pad that dissipates this heat evenly.

Not cleaning the laptop
Dust is your laptop’s worst nemesis. If dust settles between the keypad and charging points, it can cause various issues over time. For instance, the keys can become hard to press, and the laptop may not charge efficiently. If ignored, the dust can turn into grime over time, becoming difficult to remove at home. Eventually, it may cause you to spend more on repairs and maintenance and reduce your laptop’s life.

Overclocking the processor
It’s understandable that you may have dozens of tabs open in the browser on a busy workday. But web browsers drain the battery quickly and force the CPU to work overtime by using up a lot of the installed memory in the background. Repeated overclocking can lead to processor malfunction and even force the laptop to restart several times, a clear indicator that the laptop isn’t able to keep up. These usage habits can seriously damage the hardware and software.

Not shutting down properly
As long the screen is active, all background processes will run continuously till the battery drains out. So, when you’re done with work, it’s advisable to shut down the laptop properly. The next time you boot up the device, important downloaded updates will automatically install and protect the computer from vulnerabilities that could compromise system integrity. Closing the screen lid only puts the laptop in a state of hibernation.

Handling the laptop carelessly
Opening the screen by holding just one side is a big mistake laptop users make out of sheer carelessness. Always use one hand to hold the bottom part down while you flip open the lid with the free hand. Many also pick up a laptop from the table by grabbing the screen. This can damage the screen and bend the laptop out of shape. Unfortunately, these little but noticeable handling mistakes add up, ultimately forcing the laptop to stop working.

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