5 errors to avoid when using a BBQ grill outdoors ?>

5 errors to avoid when using a BBQ grill outdoors

There is a wide variety of barbecue grills based on size, modes, and food placement. Different brands make customized outdoor grills with their own unique design and grilling techniques, broadening their types further. However, before proclaiming yourself the grill master during campfire or garden bbq sessions, you should know some vital factors about outdoor cooking. If you’re new to operating a bbq grill, here are five common errors to avoid.

5 things to steer clear from when using a bbq grill outdoors

Cooking on a dirty grill
Dirty grills affect the taste of the food and make it prone to pathogenic infections. Moreover, unclean grills have carbonized grease and remnants from past cooking sessions, resulting in uneven cooking and burning of food. Hence it is highly recommended to clean bbq grills properly after every barbecue to maintain taste and health.

Using excessive lighter fuel
Lighter fuel is easy to ignite. However, using lighter fuel on charcoal grills or using lighter fuel-infused charcoal briquettes can impart an unpleasant flavor to the food. It is advisable to use one small shot glass of lighter fluid on a pound of charcoal for efficient grilling. If you have no experience using a grill, it is best to use the fuel recommended in the outdoor grill manual provided by the manufacturer.

Using the wrong type of accessories
Using the wrong type of accessories or utensils is one of the most common outdoor cooking mistakes, and it can make the whole experience more difficult and time-consuming. Make sure to have spatulas and tongs and a good set of knives, as poor-quality utensils can also damage the components of outdoor grills. Outdoor bbq grill brands like Traeger and Blaze offer handy barbecue sets and other utensils for a convenient and hassle-free outdoor cooking experience.

Using less fuel for cooking
Make sure to pack enough fuel for grilling, as insufficient fuel will not heat up the bbq grill to the desired temperature. Cooking meat at a low temperature throughout can increase the risk of food poisoning. It is equally important to preheat the grill before using it will help cook the food faster.

Wearing the wrong clothes
Avoid wearing loose clothes, scarves, or dangling jewelry, as these can increase the risk of catching fire. Wearing cooking apparel like an apron and mittens can also save your clothes from accidental spillage and burns.

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