5 common mistakes consumers make when ordering food online ?>

5 common mistakes consumers make when ordering food online

Remember when the only way to order food was by calling a restaurant? It was highly possible for the outlet to get the address wrong or send an order completely different from what you asked for. Fortunately, with the development of technology, we now have delivery apps through which we can directly order food at the click of a button. This article will discuss common errors we make when ordering food online.

Using an inferior delivery service

Many restaurants do not have delivery agents and rely on courier services to deliver the food. However, there are many companies for food delivery, and picking an inferior service might leave you with a poor experience. Therefore, when you choose a courier for food delivery, ensure you check for factors like their specialization, food tracking features, credibility, speed of service, and cost. Doing so will help you determine the right company to deliver the food to.

Not providing sufficient delivery instructions

Customers often order food without offering the right or sufficient directions to the delivery service. Incorrect or limited directions make it tedious for the agent to find the location and result in a delay in delivery. As a solution, you should check every address detail and put down landmarks to make it easier for the agent to find the address. You can also light up the entrance for them to easily find the precise spot. Furthermore, tipping the delivery agent will indicate their service is satisfactory and probably boost their morale.

Selecting foods the wrong way

All cooked foods have a certain shelf life. Some get spoiled the next day, while others might still be consumable for two days. For example, when ordering foods like sushi, it is important not to keep any leftovers as they perish quickly. On the other hand, a salad in a takeout box can stay fresh for about four days if you skip the dressing. So, ensure you order only what you want and not excess. If you do, and the food gets spoiled, you’ll lose out on money spent. Ensure you put the leftovers in the fridge to preserve them when you order a salad.

Neglecting rush hour

There are hours in the day when roads are jam-packed with working professionals. You might be able to find a suitable delivery agent, but the food needs to be cooked and placed in takeout bags, which need to be picked up and delivered by the agent in peak traffic. So, there’s a chance that your food might take ages before it reaches your doorstep. Try and order a meal before rush hour so that you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the right time.

Not thinking local

As easy as it is to order food from a delivery app, sometimes you are better off checking the same menu locally at the restaurant. There’s a good chance that the price of the food is cheaper when you order directly from the restaurant or their app rather than using a third-party app. Ordering from a local business will also help promote and boost profits for local businesses. So, switch it up from time to time, based on where you can get a better deal.

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