10 Black Friday Sales to Expect on Home Security Devices in 2023 ?>

10 Black Friday Sales to Expect on Home Security Devices in 2023

Securing one’s home from intruders and burglars is much easier today, thanks to the arrival of sensors, detectors, surveillance cameras, and other smart equipment. While these systems are readily available throughout the year, the best time to get them is the Black Friday season, when brands roll out discounts. Below are ten deals on different home security devices one can expect during Black Friday 2023 based on last year’s trends.

1. Security cameras
SimpliSafe, Lorex, Ring, and ADT are popular brands with high-quality, feature-rich security cameras. Their devices capture clear video, offer cloud storage, and can be controlled remotely. Last Black Friday, Lorex sold many cameras for a whopping 50% off! Customers can visit the company’s website in the coming months, hoping for similar offers.

2. Video surveillance systems
Video surveillance systems popularly consist of cameras, monitors, cables, video recorders, and storage devices. The homeowner and the monitoring agency can view the images and videos recorded by the cameras in real time to identify potential intruders. Wyze, Arlo, Nest Cam, and Reolink are leading video surveillance systems. Arlo’s CCTV bundles saw a price cut of 25% last shopping season, so one should closely monitor the brand’s deals.

3. Smart doorbells
Smart doorbells have cameras, light and motion sensors, microphones, infrared LEDs, and speakers. They alert homeowners about visitors and let them communicate with them through a screen, which can be handheld or wall-mounted. Arlo, Eufy, Google, Ring, and Wyze have excellent smart doorbell systems. Last year, Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro had a discount of up to $70 at Amazon.

4. Smart door locks
Smart door locks allow keyless entry! They let users open and secure doors remotely. A system typically consists of a mechanical lock, an interface like a keypad, and digital keys. Smart door locks are easy to install and operate and are Wi-Fi-compatible, so those eyeing the product should check it out during the year-end sale. Ultraloq U-Bolt, Schlage, and Wyze are a few brands to track down. Last Black Friday, the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro smart lock was up for grabs with a 60% discount on Amazon.

5. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
One can install standalone smoke and carbon monoxide detectors or get them bundled with a home security system. While such detectors might not be mandatory in every state, homeowners should consider installing them if they have HVAC systems, gas-powered water heaters, or furnaces. The device detects leaks from these appliances and potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Some popular brands include Kidde, First Alert, Universal Security Instruments, and Google. Interested buyers may visit Walmart during the sale and look for deals on Kidde’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

6. Access control
Access control systems help people decide who can enter their premises. One can customize the system to allow automatic access to specific people and vehicles. It’s also possible to save names and biometrics so that particular individuals need permission on every visit. Swiftlane, ADT, Tyco, Alcatraz AI, and Brivo OnAir are popular for effective and scalable access control systems. Last year, ADT had a 20% site-wide discount, so those looking for the product can visit their website during the upcoming sale, hoping for something similar.

7. Security lighting
Security lighting improves visibility around the property after sunset. It serves as an effective deterrent for mischief-makers and intruders. Homeowners can choose from leading brands like JACKYLED, SANSI, LEPOWER, LeonLite, and HMCITY. LUTECH has different types of affordable security lighting devices, which may see discounts during Black Friday.

8. Motion detectors
Motion detectors use sensors to detect movement and alert homeowners. They help detect unauthorized movement within the property and call the local authorities if needed. GE, Philips, BAZZ, Gaoducash, and Arlo are the top brands in this category. Abdoe’s motion detectors were on sale last year and were selling at 60% off!

9. Glass break detectors
These devices can detect glass breaks and alert users and emergency services. They can be installed on both doors and windows. Those needing such equipment can look for offers from Eva Logik, Vivint, Doberman, Honeywell, and Interlogix. Glass break detectors from Abode saw a discount of 20% last time, so customers can look for similar offers from the brand during Black Friday 2023.

10. Home security systems
Home security systems combine all the above-listed components. Besides purchasing them, one can subscribe to the services of a monitoring agency. After assessing the risks, homeowners can customize their system to include only the components necessary for their house. Before buying a system, customers should confirm the type of monitoring service the brand provides and their response time. Some popular home security systems are from SimpliSafe, Frontpoint, ADT, Abode, Brinks, and Vivint. Last Black Friday, customers saved between 30% to 40% on SimpliSafe’s home security systems at Amazon.

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